Geocaching Deputy 1.7

The network-compatible geocache management for macOS

Universal Binary for M1 (ARM/Apple Silicon) and Intel Processors

*********************************************** Functions *********************************************

Cache List   

  1. Read GPX or ZIP files with cache descriptions   

  2. Multi-import: Read in any number of GPX or ZIP files with one click, which only need to be set once   

  3. Files can also be imported by drag & drop onto the program icon or into the list window   

  4. LOC files can also be read in (not recommended because they contain hardly any information)   

  5. When importing your own, found and not found, caches can be recognized if your own member ID has been set   

  6. Output of arbitrarily selectable caches in a GPX file   

  7. All values of a cache are displayed in a list in columns   

  8. The list can be filtered in many ways   

  9. The cache website can be accessed at Geocaching.com or Opencaching   

  10. The cache attributes can be displayed in a list   

  11. The log entries can be displayed in a list   

  12. The last 5 log entries (found / DNF / other) are clearly displayed in color   

  13. Caches can be marked in color   

  14. The rating on GCVote can be accessed   

  15. All marked caches can be set by clicking on “Found”, “DNF”, “Ignored” or “Archived”


  1. All columns can be moved, enlarged or hidden (click in column headings)   

  2. The column background can be colored   

  3. The column heading can be changed   

  4. The distance and the angle to the home coordinates can be displayed   

  5. Clear colored representation of the last 5 log entries   

  6. finds per year


  1. Groups for all cache types are created automatically (the group names can be changed)   

  2. Groups for night cache, tree climbing and boat / swimming are automatically created   

  3. Groups can get a color   

  4. Caches can be assigned to any number of freely definable groups   

  5. The number of caches in a group is displayed   

  6. Comprehensive group filter (AND / OR) (in the group () / not in the group (empty) / don't care (-))   

  7. Conditions (e.g. Terrain < 5 or favorites in % > 10%, distance < 10 km, ........)   

  8. Settings for group filters can be saved in “group combinations” and called up with one click   

  9. Start groups can be set, which are always set automatically after the program has started

Cache dialog   

  1. Large text field that contains the content of the listing and in which the puzzle solutions can be entered   

  2. Comment field, which is also output in a GPX file   

  3. A reminder can be set for each cache (e.g. event) and optionally also written in an Apple calendar   

  4. The number of finds, the number of favorite points and the favorite points in % = (number of favorite points / finds of premium members) can be entered   

  5. Any number of files can be saved as an attachment to a cache (riddle)


  1. Open puzzles without final coordinates, archived, found, own, ignored, deactivated caches can be selectively hidden   

  2. You can filter for one or more search words   

  3. Only newly imported   

  4. Only changed imported ones   

  5. Caches that were not imported during the last import are automatically sorted into the "Not in import" group. These caches may have been archived


  1. Display of arbitrarily selected caches on a card   

  2. Choice between map, satellite or hybrid display   

  3. Deactivated, archived and own caches are shown on the map with the corresponding symbol   

  4. Alt-clicking on a cache symbol in the map will call up the website   

  5. Display of POI (Points of Interest)   

  6. Waypoints can optionally be displayed   

  7. Display of your own position   

  8. The map can be centered on the location

Decoder (help to solve puzzles)

  1. Various decodings are displayed simultaneously for a coded text   

    1. Letters frequency   

    2. word value without umlauts   

    3. Word value with implementation in ae, oe, ue and ss   

    4. Word value with ä = 27, ö = 28, ü = 29 and ß = 30   

    5. word value with Z = 1 .... A = 26   

    6. Red 1 to Red 25 and Red 47   

    7. Text backwards   

    8. Every 2nd, 3rd, 4 ,. ... Letter   

    9. T9 telephone keypad

  2. Numbers based on XX (02 - 16) are converted into ASCII, binary, decimal and hexadecimal simultaneously



  1. The home coordinates can optionally be set automatically   

  2. You can optionally set the member ID to recognize your own, found and not found caches during imports   

  3. A list of GPX or ZIP files can be created, which can be read again and again with one click   

  4. Instead of the date when the cache was created, the number of days since the creation can be displayed (future events are then negative)   

  5. Before deleting caches, you can optionally be asked   

  6. It can be set in which Apple calendar the reminders should be written   

  7. An interval can be set after which changes are automatically saved to the hard disk   

  8. The transparency of the windows can be adjusted continuously

Network operating   

  1. The database can be synchronized with other Macs locally or over the Internet (e.g. for distributed puzzle teams)

Download: GCDeputy_1.7.dmg for macOS 10.13 - macOS 12 Monterey