CoMa X (Voice / Fax / Pro) 8.7 for macOS

Answering Machine, Voice- & Fax-On-Demand-System, Send &
Receive Faxes, Terminal with internal Send & Receive Z-Modem

* * * * * * * * * * Send & Receive Fax

  1. Send & receive faxes with modems which support fax-class 2 or 2.0

  2. Send faxes with modems which only support fax class 1 (i.e. miniVigor, new internal modems, etc.)

  3. Faxes can be sent directly from the print dialogue window

  4. Read and send PDF and FaxSTF-files

  5. PDF files with colors or gray tones can become screened alternatively

  6. Internal editor with text attributes and substitute symbols for serial faxes

  7. Text can be mixed with graphics and signatures in PDF, TIFF, PICT, JPEG or GIF format

  8. Pages are displayed exactly as there are sent

  9. Incoming pages are displayed "on the fly" during fax-reception!

  10. Fax-polling (send poll-request with class 2.0 and some class 2-modems only)

  11. Serial faxes

  12. Networkable Faxjob-management (Client-Server-operation)

  13. Support (read fax & voice and configuration) for the Independent Mode of Elsa MicroLink Office and USR 56k (Pro)Message(Plus) modem

  14. Time dependent redirection of faxes as PDF per e-mail via Apple Mail

* * * * * * * * * * Answering machine / Voice-Jobs

  1. For voice-modems with IS-101, Rockwell, ZyXEL and USR Command Set or miniVigor

  2. Weekday, Time, Caller ID and situation-dependent voice messages

  3. Personal voice-message for each caller, when caller-ID is transfered

  4. Voice Jobs (Voice messages are played automatically at selectable times via telephone)

  5. Audio monitoring while recording with Mac Sound system (except USR Modems)

  6. Time dependent redirection of incoming calls per phone or e-mail via Apple Mail

  7. Different situations adjustable (e.g. normal, lunch time, vacation, etc.)

  8. Random selection of voice-messages possible

  9. Remote control and recall of new received faxes

  10. Recording of AIFFs via Mac microphone

  11. Automatic conversion of AIFF to modem format (except USR modems)

  12. Convert recorded messages to AIFF

  13. Serial-Voice-Jobs

* * * * * * * * * * Voice- & Fax-On-Demand-System

  1. Unlimited Voice messages & fax pages can be recalled by DTMF tones

  2. Statistic of recalls

  3. Voice messages can be put together from multiple voice files

  4. Fax transmission via polling request (DTMF code is not needed - only for class 2.0 modems)

  5. Permanent poll transmitter possible (caller gets fax pages even without sending a poll request)

  6. Which messages or faxes are send is dependent from time, caller ID and situation setting

  7. Connection Type (fax, voice or fax&voice) could be set individual for each of 10 caller IDs

* * * * * * * * * * Other

  1. Display of the calling number or name, if number is in list and caller ID is transfered

  2. Events (call, message, fax) can be displayed with Growl

  3. Data from the Apple addressbook can be read in

  4. Display of call units with ISDN Modems

  5. Dialing for analog telephones

  6. Zone & and time dependent selection of telephone company (Least Cost Router)

  7. Management of incoming fax/messages in a calls list

  8. Calls can be grouped and filtered

  9. Numbers list with addresses, groups and salutations for series faxes

  10. Terminal with internal Z-Modem & X-Modem for firmware upload

  11. If You need a program-extension, please contact me

Requirement: A modem with fax- and optional voice-mode

Download: CoMa_X_8.7.dmg  for Mac OS X 10.6.8 - macOS 10.14 Mojave

Old version 8.4.1 for Mac OS X 10.5.8 is available on request.